Economic Justice

Economic Justice: Our Definition

Our definition of Economic Justice is ensuring the rights of the individual to create wealth and money and to not be subjected to a central authority that claims a monopoly of this right over them.

As societies structure themselves and choose to create unified currencies in order to make commerce more convenient, we believe that only through equity backed currencies (as opposed to debt based currencies) and the freedom of competition among currencies themselves can economic justice ever be achieved.

So long as there is a central authority over the supply of money there will never be Economic Justice. In fact a Central Bank is one of the pillars of the Communist Manifesto. People think capitalism is failing us, and yes capitalism has some major shortcomings that come from greed and unjust corporate laws that obligate publicly traded companies to put profit first and foremost, even above morality itself. However, beyond those two shortcomings it is not capitalism itself that is failing us. It is our greedy Central Banks and the fact that our entire economy is running on a debt-based fiat currency printed by a private entity that has the legal authority over our entire economy to create money out of thin air and loan it to us with interest; despite the fact that the Constitution gives the power of the Treasury Department to print our own currency backed by equity ourselves, interest free.

This issue is so crucial and so misunderstood by the common person. Most people would be shocked to hear this quote, especially if they truly understood its implications:

“The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” – Benjamin Franklin

The average person doesn’t realize how paramount this issue was among the founders and how much they warned us against it. Although we freed ourselves from tyranny for a short while, ultimately from the very inception of our nation there was a divide among the hardcore Libertarian ideas of individual liberty and freedom touted by people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and even George Washington himself. There was always a traitorous statist among them whom many claim was a Rothschild agent working for the Rothschild’s Bank of England that was always pushing for the power of the state to supersede the power of the individual, but most importantly, the power of the Central Bank to reign supreme.

“Give me control over a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s law.” – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Jefferson, the one who fought hardest for our civil liberties and made sure our Constitution was immediately amended with a Bill of Rights had this to say about the Central Bank:

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson

To create Economic Justice anywhere in the world it is essential to educate and empower people everywhere of the truth about money and banking. We must educate ourselves to really understand what money is, where it comes from, who creates it and how to empower ourselves to become the creators of true wealth and not give that power away to money manipulators.

Goods, services and ideas are true wealth. Money is just a means to exchange them. We must not be controlled anymore by a system that has been designed from its very inception to trick us. We have been fooled into thinking all the power of money and wealth comes from the money itself and not from us.

It is the people who create true wealth. We are disempowered by money manipulators who have wrongfully been given the legal authority to create money out of thin air and loan it to us with interest.

On a personal level we must all be empowered to create true wealth, not allow the money manipulators to trick us into losing that wealth to them any longer, and on a macro level we must de-centralize the whole process of printing money from one private centralized authority given to us as debt and instead only operate with equity-based currencies backed by real tangible assets.

We can both have our Constitutional Federal government do this and/or allow freedom of competition among currencies from the private sector be allowed to compete for creating the most stable currency chosen by the people and markets rather than a central authority.

Either one would produce far superior results to the crash course we’re heading on as a nation and a global collective. We are so far past the point of no return that the moment of truth is now eminent. No fiat currency in the history of the world has ever worked. Not once. Anyone who knows history knows it has been the downfall of nearly every major empire, including Rome, Russia, China and Germany. Never has there been a global economy backed by one single fiat currency. When the house of cards comes tumbling down this time, clearly only political will and military might are going to be able to create stability.

The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations have already formed an alliance and have prepared for this. Most of Latin America is aware of what is coming.

The producers of the world (the majority of third world and developing nations) know that when the house of cards falls they will be holding true wealth. No one knows how it will all pan out, but as Americans, we have an obligation to the world to not allow money manipulators who created the entire global economic meltdown in the first place be the same people to give us another false solution that only fills their needs and not those of We The People.

When the global economic meltdown arrives, we must stand strong as a people, as a nation, as Americans to fearlessly reject whatever solution these money manipulators are bringing and wake up to the truth of money mechanics, monetary policy, and empower ourselves as individuals to always be the true creators and holders of real wealth and not allow debt based monetary systems to deprive us of our wealth.

Economic Justice: The 3 Big Problems

1. Central Economic Planning and Monetary Policy:

We need to distill out the confusion and recognize first and foremost, the US economy is based on a debt-based, fiat currency printed by a private institution known as the Federal Reserve, which is essentially an act of Central Economic Planning, one of the pillars of the Communist Manifesto.

One major layer of all the economic issues in the world and the US economy are due to this fact. Not because of the failure of capitalism.

This is such an interesting paradox because essentially in a true capitalist system in the United States, the government would be the one printing and issuing the currency and it would be backed by real equity such as gold and silver as stated in the Constitution.

In a pure capitalist system this is the proper role of government’s hand in economics because they create an equity backed currency rather than a debt-based currency. We The People have access to it debt and interest free. Then the markets decide the value of money through supply and demand, rather than Central Economic Planning by any authority, private or government for that matter. This is a foundation that creates true wealth, because its very backbone is true wealth and there’s no interference in the market by government or some other divine “omnipotent” force.

In the Communist System you have Central Economic Planning where the value of money and interest rates are set by a central authority rather than leaving it to the markets. Paradoxically in our current system, our government gave away the right of itself to create an equity-based currency, interest free, to a private entity that does all of our Central Economic Planning for us and prints a debt-based, fiat currency and loans it to us with interest.

This is the strange slight of hand magic trick that has everyone confused. We have a Communist approach, with the twist of duping us into making this central authority appear to be our own government because the President of the United States appoints the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve, however, the ownership is actually private (rather than government), as well as being completely confidential so we can’t know and hold the owners accountable, nor understand if there is a conflict of interest with whom those owners may be.

It essentially appears to be a strange, private, yet government ordained institution with monopoly powers to counterfeit money. That is, print money out of thin air (create money from nothing) and then loan it to us at interest, all the while being kept anonymous as to who these people are.

Then when being challenged about their monopoly over the money supply and monetary policy, they try to make the argument that this omnipotent power over monetary policy has to be given to them in order to keep government out of it and leave it to them, the “experts”. Isn’t that a conflict of interest, considering they make money off of us for every dollar that is printed?

They have an interest and stake in their own personal gain despite the fact that the American people are whom they are disguised to be serving and working for.

As the saying goes, “you can’t serve two masters”. Who do you think they serve? The American people or their own shareholders, who own the Federal Reserve and collect all that interest?

2. Corporate Laws:

Our capitalist system is not perfect. The corporate laws that bind CEOs of publicly traded companies to do whatever they can to make the most profit, despite morality is something that needs to be changed. The system itself is broken in this manner and corporations, we believe, should have a duty to the Common Welfare of the people, humanity at large, and the environment. Not that companies should be coerced or forced through more bureaucracy or laws, but rather, they shouldn’t be forced to put profit first, if they can display where it could put the public welfare or environment at risk.

People themselves can then choose to invest in socially responsible companies and vote with their dollars. We believe that markets and the people would by and large learn to promote socially responsible companies. Through the natural supply and demand of this current need, many publicly traded companies would be influenced to move in this direction. We are confident that the tide of public opinion has already turned this way anyway. Supply and demand will itself eventually correct all the mistakes this out of control corporate law has made. It would really speed things up though if we could just change this law and not tie corporation’s hands behind their backs to being more discerning and socially responsible.

As Socialism, Socialist ideas, and Socialist candidates hide behind another name and bash on Capitalism and Capitalist ideas as the source of all our problems, they will continue to try and sell us on how and why we need more government to solve our problems. We will be there, though, waking people up to the fact that more government is not the solution. Untying the corporation’s hands from being more socially responsible is the real solution. We don’t need more government and less corporations, we need more corporations to be allowed to be socially responsible. Currently they simply are not capable unless it directly makes them more profit.

3. Money in Politics

The final issue that is really wrong with our socio-economic political system in America is really this whole idea of having money in politics with lobbyists buying votes and politicians.

Politics and government we believe should be an objective moral discourse by people not even capable of being controlled and influenced by monetary gain.

It will be impossible to totally root it out because anyone in government is always going to have an opportunity to give private interests a step up or an edge in some way, but it should be illegal to influence them to do so.

Morally, we believe money should be left out of politics.

Economic Justice: Solutions We are Implementing

1. Empowering Ourselves

Mostly we are simply empowering ourselves to be the real holders of our own true wealth and walking the walk in our own lives.

We know that goods, services and ideas are true wealth. Money is only the means in order to exchange those things amongst each other. Therefore we never get the cart before the horse. We always create goods, services, and ideas in order to create value for the world, forcing money to show up as the means of distributing our contribution to the world.

We encourage everyone to do the same and not to fall victim of thinking money is the master. No. Money is the servant. You are the master.

2. Education

We are educating and doing what we can to wake people up to these issues and help people more clearly discern and see the actual complex layers that are the true causes of each problem we are facing as a society. As Capitalism and free market economics takes the blame and the rap for these dark socio-political-economic times we are living in, we will help the people to see that, yes we need to fix the flaws of Capitalism, but the real flaw is that most people don’t realize our entire economy is actually based on one of the pillars of the Communist Manifesto. This is not a pure Capitalist system you are finding fault and blame in. It is a hybrid and the main underlying, underpinning of our entire economy and eventually the world at large, will not be a failure of Capitalism, but the result of swapping out our Capitalist economy and banking structure for a Communist one.

It is not Capitalism that will take down our economy, but Socialist, Communist, and Fascist ideology and practices that will.

Helping people see this and understand this is going to be critical when the house of cards comes tumbling down.

3. Political Action

The political actions that can be taken have been outlined above:

  • Get us back on an equity-based currency, issued by the Treasury Department (not a private institution), issuing it to us interest free and let the markets determine the value of our money, not a Private Central Bank
  • Change corporate laws, allowing for socially responsible corporations to choose to put society and environment above profit when necessary.
  • Get money out of politics.